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Bright Light Bright Light "Make Me Believe In Hope" [Album Review]

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In a pop world dominated with rambunctious party stompers about getting rowdy and living it up in the club, Bright Light Bright Light (aka Rod Thomas) delivers a welcome message of hope and encouragement on his highly-anticipated debut album that was released in the U.S. this week. Aptly-titled "Make Me Believe In Hope," the album is an impressive collection of heartfelt pop songs that demonstrates Thomas' finely-tuned knack for melody that has the power to move listeners.

Lyrically, Thomas explores the idea of hope and the range of different emotions that can go along with, from feeling defeated and lost to being on top of the world brimming with optimism. The singer expertly wraps these different shades of hope in peppy dance-pop confections that are hugely inspired by Thomas' love for classic '90s club grooves and melancholic synth pop. "Dance music doesn’t have to be disposable. Just because music is made with machines doesn’t mean it can't have soul," he explains in a press release.

"Make Me Believe In Hope" kicks off with "Immature," a wonderfully soothing tune that perfectly sets the stage for the LP's hopeful theme when Thomas sings, "Find things of wonder that open up the doors." The song is followed by the equally uplifting "Feel It" that is driven by a sparse, yet punctuating '90s-edge club groove. While sonically painting a picture of dark bursting into light, the song tells a tale about finding hope when you least expect it. "When the world falls apart, you're the reason there's still hope," Thomas sings. He gets joined by big, diva vocals during the song's stuttering break that adds a powerful emotional punch to the song's overall meaning.

Other standout moments include debut single "Love Part II" and "Cry At Films" that features Thomas' pal Del Marquis of Scissor Sisters. The LP gently builds to "Disco Moment" that is filled with melody and melancholy. Another highlight is "Grace" that is dominated by a sprawling and atmospheric soundscape that perfectly caputures the album's essence. "Keep hope even if you don't see it," Thomas concludes. "Just keep moving along. Speak out for what you believe in, make up for what you've done. Let it go." (Support #newpop and download Bright Light Bright Light "Make Me Believe In Hope" on iTunes now.)

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