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Adam Lambert Premieres Video for New Single "Never Close Our Eyes" [Review]


Adam Lambert perfectly balances style and substance in the freshly unveiled video for his new single "Never Close Our Eyes." Lambert makes a powerful statement in the video that goes way beyond the literal meaning of the song. In fact, the video neatly encapsulates Lambert's distinct brand of pop, which emphasizes the importance of individuality and self-expression no matter what other people say or think.

Set in a repressed Orwellian society, Lambert's video depicts a bleak, futuristic world with people being treated as slaves who must submit to a totalitarian regime that rules with an iron fist (and many watchful eyes). True to form, Lambert breaks out of the mold and sets off a firestorm of change that inspires others. He refuses to take his daily dose of mind-numbing medication and resists other brain-washing techniques to end up leading a colorful rebellion that crushes the status quo. 

Fans will agree that even though it may seem that the scenes and storyline are taken from a fantastical sci-fi novel, the concept of the video is really not that far removed from Lambert's own world of experience. Despite the odds and the baseless skepticism from naysayers, Lambert defiantly stayed true to his point of view and artistic convictions. Now ruling the album charts with his new album "Trespassing," the pop star shows that people who patiently and passionately follow their instinct without compromise will ultimately win.

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The Daily Crunch: Kylie Minogue, Far East Movement, Madonna, Calvin Harris, Ryan Tedder, Lana Del Rey, Linkin Park


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[NEW] Eric Solomon Releases Video for New Single "Ground Control"


Following the release of "Addicted" late last year, Eric Solomon returns this summer with his brand-new single "Ground Control." The track is taken from his new EP, simply titled "The Eric Solomon EP," that will be unveiled in the UK and the rest of Europe in July. You may remember that I first alerted you about the Canadian singer back in 2009 when I featured a download of his Passion Pit remix that hit number one on Hype Machine a few days later and even was featured on RollingStone.com.

Born in Montreal and raised in the African Congo until he was forced to leave during an embassy relief effort during the civil war. He returned to Montreal where found solace in music, and taught himself to sing, play and produce his own music. After joining a band and hitting the road to tour at age 16, Solomon signed as a solo artist to Epic/Sony for the release of his debut album. The arrangement didn't last long, as Eric found himself in the all-too-common shuffle of label buy-outs. Determined to succeed regardless of industry setbacks, Eric began teaching himself audio engineering as a way to return to his musical roots.

His remix of Passion Pit sparked a bunch of great new intiatives for the singer. He even starred in MTV's Youth Electric, a reality show that chronicled the lives of three Vancouver artists.

After his early success in North American, Solomon is now gearing up to take his music to Europe. In July, he will release "The Eric Solomon EP" in UK that includes tracks like "Time Bomb," "Addicted" and his new single "Ground Control. " I'ts an electro-edged pop number about living it up and letting fo that features Solomon's distinct vocal swagger and a fitting lyrical nod to David Bowie's "Space Oddity." (Support new pop and download Eric Solomon's music on iTunes.)

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New Swedish Pop: "March To A Uniform Beat: Vol. 1" Exclusive CD Preview

With Loreen winning the Eurovision Song Contest this past Saturday, this is a great moment to check out more exciting new dance and pop music that is produced in Sweden. One of the best sources for finding new Swedish pop is Uniform Beat, a brand-new label that specializes in cultivating and promoting new Swedish dance pop with an international appeal. The label is part of Playground Music, the biggest and most established indie music company across Scandinavia.

Some of the artists that are part of Uniform Beat's developing roster include Artymove, Goldfinger & Script and Smith & Thell whom I've alerted you about previously. But there's a lot more new Swedish goodness from Uniform Beat that needs to be shared. To satisfy our ongoing cravings for fresh new music, the label will be unveiling "March To A Uniform Beat on June 4. It's a new CD compilation series that includes an overview of artists, songwriters and producers who are part of Uniform Beat's line up of talent.

One of the lead tracks on Volume 1 of "March To A Uniform Beat" is a brand-new track by rapidly-rising duo Smith & Thell, entitled "Super DJ." It's a fast-paced dance pop banger that shows off the group's incredibly hooky and sleek dancefloor aesthetic. Also featured are the pumping Club Edit of Mayka's "Lie," Materikaa's grinding "The Real Me" and the '80s-edged "Blending" by Emma Bates that includes some classic 808 drums to up the retro qualities of the song.

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The Daily Crunch: Madonna, LMFAO, Graffiti6, Yuna, Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, Jay-Z, Brandy, Monica


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