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Hot New Talent Alert: Andreas Moe "Collecting Sunlight" Exclusive Premiere


Andreas Moe is without a doubt one the finest new male pop voices to emerge from Sweden this year. Pop aficionados among you will surely recognize Moe's pitch-perfect falsetto from his vocal contribution to Avicii's "Fade Into Darkness" and his collaboration with John de Sohn on "Long Time." After the testing the waters as a featured vocalist, the time has now come for Moe to spread his wings and enter the spotlight with his own music.

On June 25, Moe will independently release his debut EP, entitled "Collecting Sunlight." The digital release includes five original tracks, plus "Long Time" with John de Sohn. Inspired by artists ranging from Kanye West to Bon Iver, Moe likes to describe the music on his EP as "The Script meets Robyn meets Prince." It's "electronic but organic," the very talented Swede summarizes in a press release. 

Whatever label you'd like to stick on it, Moe simply makes enchanting, emotionally honest pop music that is positioned right on the intersection of happiness and heartbreak. "Collecting Sunlight," the title track from Moe's debut EP, is a fantastic example of that. The young singer taps into a bittersweet and melancholic sentiment that marks all timeless Swedish pop.

Introduced by a subtle, high octave arpeggio, the track starts out lush and atmospheric, creating the perfect backdrop for Moe's lyrics about enjoying the moment and preparing for a time "when the rain comes crashing down." "Boxes, jars, suitcases, anything I can find. Containers, bag and bottles. Anything to keep it dry. I'm collecting sunlight for a rainy day," Moe sings. It's an excellent pop ballad from a very accomplished debut EP that introduces a remarkable new talent to keep you eye on. Fans of Robyn, Erik Hassle and other bittersweet Swedish singer/songwriter pop will be in for a real treat.

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