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The Daily Crunch: Adam Lambert, Nicki Minaj, Bruce Springsteen, Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, Usher, Azealia Banks

Adam Lambert 450

arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Rihanna And Usher To Perform On 'Saturday Night Live'
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Adam Lambert Tells Late-Night Fans To "Never Close Our Eyes"
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Lana Del Rey's “Blue Jeans” Adds Azealia Banks, Remixed By Mark Foster
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) First Listen: Alanis Morissette, ‘Magical Child’
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Behind the Scenes of Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus'
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Sophia Grace + Rosie Perform 'Starships' + 'Domino' on 'Ellen'
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) 'The Purist' By Brent Chua For Bello Mag #35
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Bruce Springsteen Does LA Memorial Sports Arena
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Jack White Concert Asks Viewers to Create Digital Photo Mosaic 
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[VIDEO] Rye Rye Talks "Go! Pop! Bang!" at Winter Music Conference in Miami


With less than a month left before her debut LP "Go! Pop! Bang!" drops in North America, Rye Rye is turning up the heat with a brand-new video that gives fans a behind the scenes look at her trek to the Winter Music Conference last month while she also talks about her debut record. Rye Rye says about her music, "It's very pop, but I bring my own flavor to that pop beat." In this brief video, the Baltmore star also dishes about her unique, colorful style and that "swag" that make her stand out from the pack.

Last month, Rye Rye debuted her new video for "Boom Boom", a vivacious tribute to the Golden Age of video games that perfectly captures Rye Rye's joyful attitude and exuberant performance. The single follows her duet with Robyn (who is a massive Rye Rye fan) on "Never Will Be Mine," her feature on Far East Movement's bass-happy "Jello" and her more recent collaboration with Esthero on the 21 Jump Street soundtrack.

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Watch Studio Killers "Eros And Apollo" World Exclusive Premiere


After the success of their debut single "Ode To The Bouncer" across Europe, the savvy pop people of the Studio Killers return today with their much-anticipated follow up single, "Eros And Apollo." The expertly-produced song is once again a hyper melodic, mighty infectious and totally fun dance-pop romp that comes along with a colorful and enchanting animated video that brings the group's animated characters joyfully to life. The tune stirs plenty of happy vibes that will have you ready for a good time the moment the needle hits.

As I previously wrote, Studio Killers is a mysterious electronic music collective made up of Cherry, Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink based in Denmark, Finland and the U.K. who work on their music virtually. Their collaboration began when their managers started sharing bits of music that could be used by one of them to build a full track from. But after combining that catchy beat and that massive chorus, the three realized they should record a track together and form a new group. 

Not keen to enter the bright pop spotlight, Studio Killers hired a design team to create whimsical, bright-eyed cartoon characters to represent them in their videos and photos. The purpose is to keep their true identities hidden as long as possible. Once people find out who the people are behind the phenomenon, Studio Killers will come out as a creative collective. To this day, who exactly they are remains a closely guarded secret.

Both musically and visually, this new "Eros And Apollo" picks up where "Ode To The Bouncer" left of.  The Studio Killers' animated story continues as we find Cherry in the club, bumping into a boy, "so wonderful, that the other gigolos run like spiders," the Studio Killers write me from their colorfully animated home.

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Pete Tong Talks about New Album, Rise of the DJ and Dance Music In America


For the past two decades, Pete Tong has been one of EDM's biggest supporters who has developed a rock solid reputation as a leading tastemaker when it comes to spotting promising new acts and identifying the next generation of dance music. In addition to hosting his weekly BBC Radio One show, Tong also travels the globe playing gigs while also making time to curate his own series of album compilations of hot new music picks.

I sat down with Pete at South Beach's hot and happening Surfcomber Hotel during the Winter Music Conference last month to chat a bit more about his views on the current state of dance music and his brand-new compilation disc, entitled "All Gone Pete Tong/Groove Armada Miami 2012." Produced in partnership with Groove Armada, the meaty double disc set features an exclusive new production from Groove Armada ("Disco, Love, Groove"), plus tracks and mixes from Goldfrapp, Jamie Jones, Subb-an, Kevin Saunderson, Kenny Larkin, Joe Goddard, Feel My Bicep, Dusky, Nina Kraviz, The Chain, NY Stomp and many more. 

Tong explains that his love for the new and the next inspired this new album. "It's two CDs of what we feel is the next wave of dance music. That doesn't mean it's all minimal. It's vocals, it is melody, it is more of a new school underground sound."

The British spinmeister has a deep passion for the underground and a golden ear for identifying what's the next big thing. "I'm always looking new sounds. That's sort of my obsession, my kind of illness," Tong smiles. "I think over the years I've grown this antenna that sniffs out hot situations, where you can feel heat around people."

Part of Tong's finely-tuned formula of curation is to network constantly with DJs. "Stories always emerge about new people," he explains. "It's not like you're sitting in a dark room, listening to new music blindly. Things come to you from certain sources. This drives my radio show. Half of the show is about finding the next David Guetta or the next Skrillex."

Pushing dance music ever since he launched his BBC Radio One show back in 1991, Tong is excited to see dance music now taking a big flight in America. "I'm truly wide-eyed about what's going on. Even sitting here a year ago predicting how big it would become, no one could really forecast how big it has gotten and how it has integrated into the mainstream."

But Tong feels there's flip side to dance music's success as well. "Some of it is a bit scary. From a purist point of view, it has gotten very commercial because [dance music] now has the responsibility to entertain so many people and to sell so many tickets," he observes. "The biggest DJs in the world are now relying on their next hit. If think about the early DJs like Paul Oakenfold, Danny Tenaglia or Frankie Knuckles, they may have a bad gig, but that wouldn't kill 'em off."

Tong adds,  "Now you can sit in your bedroom, be 16 years old, come up with the right thing, put it on YouTube and literally twelve months later play for 50,000 people at Ultra. I suspect if you don't keep doing that, in another 12 months time, you may be back in your bedroom. I'm not saying that one thing is better than the other, I'm just making an observation. People rise super fast and therefore they have to keep it up. Everybody talks about the rise of dance music, but it is really the rise of the DJ." (Download Pete Tong & Groove Armada "All Gone Miami" on iTunes in the U.S. now.)

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The Daily Crunch: Katy Perry, Yuna, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys

Katy Perry

arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Nicki Minaj's “Starships” Video Has Landed: Watch
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Alicia Keys Rocks a Retro VIBE
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Rihanna Is A Gorgeous Geisha In Coldplay's “Princess Of China” Tour Video 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Adam Levine Admits To Jay Leno He Got The Role On ‘American Horror Story’
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) TLC Announces Plans To Resurrect Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes For A Reunion Tour
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Henry Rollins Inspiring Message for The Young People of America 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Whitney Houston and Jordan Sparks "Sparkle" Poster 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Katy Perry to Take Stage at 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Rihanna Performs Acoustic Version Of ‘We Found Love’ 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Yuna Performs “Island” @ Converse Rubber Tracks 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) 10 Funniest Sketch Comedy Channels on YouTube
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