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Marina 450

Kat Krazy once again pulls out all the stops with his fantastic new remix of Marina & The Diamond's new single "Primadonna." After remixing tracks for Rye Rye, Far East Movement, Robyn and many others, the U.K. producer shows again that he has a great ear for melody and a proper understanding of the dancefloor. In fact, his reinterpretation of "Primadonna" is one of his finest remixes to date that shines a whole new light on the original.

Masterfully applying massive synth chords and a blistering new bassline, Kat Krazy successfully amps up the emotional intensity of "Primadonna," which was original produced by Dr Luke. One of the most interesting parts of the revamp hit around the 1:40 minute mark when the remix takes a gritty turn with some very gentle dubstep undertones. From there, the remix picks back up its pace with a trance-like melancholic chord progression that slowly builds and hits a euphoric drop to lead back to the song's flaming and irresistible chorus.

KatKrazy writes me that Marina's delivery on this track inspired his reinterpretation of the song. "On the original, the vocals themselves were hugely inspiring and were the stand out part of the track for me. I love the way Marina delivers an alternative vibe with her vocal style." He adds, "One of my favorite tracks is Fred Falke's mix of Marina's 'Champagne,' which I used to play endlessly, so it was a great privilege to get a request to remix 'Primadonna.'" Listen to a part of the remix in the player below.