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Watch Greg Laswell feat. Sara Bareilles "Come Back Down" Video Premiere


When Greg Laswell sits down at the keys he knows exactly how to make pop magic happen. Check out his brand-new single, entitled "Come Back Down," that features his pal Sara Bareilles. It is an incredibly touching slice of pop balladry that will get under your skin with its richly melodic vocals and propulsive piano riff that is both urgent and strangely soothing. It's the perfect composition for a tune about telling a friend that enough is enough and things have to change. "You gotta take it on your own from here. It's getting pathetic," Laswell tales poignantly.

"Come Back Down" is taken from Laswell's new album "Landlines" that features collaborations with a number of well-known female singers, including Ingrid Michaelson, Sia, Elizabeth Ziman (of Elizabeth and the Catapult). Inspired by hip-hop records that he was listening to while writing and recording the album, Laswell decided he wanted to work with and feature female vocals alongside his own.  

Laswell's songs have won over several of film and television’s top music supervisors, who have featured his songs in films such as Friends With Benefits and My Sister's Keeper, and television placements in the season premieres of CBS NCIS and NBC’s Parenthood, as well as 10 individual placements on ABC’s hit drama Grey’s Anatomy. Laswell gift for melody and his knack for stirring just the right amount of melodrama in his music explains his popularity among music supervisors. (Download "Come Back Down" on iTunes.)

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Hot New Talent Alert: Listen to The Yes Ma'ams "Taste Test" (Free EP)


With the glorious return of the boybands, it is pretty much only a matter of time before girl groups will follow suit and make their comeback as well. Over in Europe, British newcomers Stooshe are staking their claim to be next big girl thing, and here in the States newcomers The Yes Ma'ams are taking a shot at success with their genre-mashing blend of pop that is bursting with a serious style, good looks, raw talent and a proper dose of girl power. Those are all key ingredients that make up a proper girl group with the potential to hit the big time.

Currently unsigned, The Yes Ma'ams is the spicy and sassy teaming of members Privacy, Secrecy and Slander who like their describe themselves as a mixture of "the sex appeal of Vanity 6 with the calm cool of TLC" and "a splash of the flirty fun of the Spice Girls." I just like to describe The Yes Ma'ams as seriously good pop with a whole lotta personality.

The Atlanta-based group started out teasing fans with countless images and a few singles (including "Vanessa," "Only If I Say So" and "Firestarter) before sharing their debut EP, "Taste Test," that is available for free on their web site. The group has continued working to build a steady fanbase across social networks, clearly setting the stage for bigger things to come. In the next few months, The Yes Ma'ams will be working on music videos and recording more material for a follow-up EP, as well as their presently untitled debut album. 

Privacy, Secrecy and Slander have been collaborating on their sound with a slew of promising young writers and producers including Kevin Michael, D Michael, Brian Davis, Linx Kanel and newcomer Garlic Bread. For their forthcoming debut LP, the trio is teaming up with hitmakers like Stacy Barthe (Rihanna) and Druski (Dawn Richards), Kevin Michael and Timbaland protege B. Kidd who produced J. Cole's "Can't Get Enough."

Make sure to check out The Yes Ma'ams very good (and very free) "Taste Test" EP to get a good feel for their fresh new sound. Listen for example to the flaming, next generation pop romp "Got A Problem," and the retro-styled and synth-happy "Light Up The Night" that features the ladies' slick vocal harmonies. Also featured on the EP is the hip hop edged "Believe Dat" and the contemporary girl power anthem "What Girls Are Made Of" that instantly invokes memories of Prince's Apollonia Six. (Download the free EP and its tracks right here.)

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The Daily Crunch: Justin Timberlake, Drake, Rihanna, Marina & The Diamonds, Usher, Maroon 5, Vanessa Paradis

Drake 450

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Watch Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe" Exclusive Acoustic Video

It's pretty safe to argue that Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" is one of the biggest break out songs of the year that is universally adored by people. To most it's simply a shameless good pop track while a few others may refer to it as the ultimate guilty pleasure. But however you feel about "Call Me Maybe," the truth is that it's virtually impossible not to hum and tap along to it when it hits a radio frequency near you. Check out an exclusive acoustic performance of the song that Jepsen recently performed with two of her band mates for the folks at MyIsh. It's a flawless, country-edged rendition of the hit track that neatly accentuates Jepsen's gentle vocals that round out the song's potent pop stylings.

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[NEW] Watch Stooshe New Single "Black Heart" Video Premiere


Hot on the heels of their top 5 hit in the U.K. with their debut single "‘Love Me’," boisterous pop trio Stooshe are gearing up to continue their chart momentum with the release of their brand-new single "Black Heart" on June 11.

Produced by expert hit makers Future Cut (Lily Allen, Olly Murs, Professor Green), "‘Black Heart’" further helps define the group's colorful, Motown-inspired sound, which is fueled by their lyrical wit and powerful vocal harmonies that is not only mighty catchy but also totally fun. The song will be the lead feature on the trio's aptly-titled upcoming debut album "‘Swings And Roundabouts’" that will be released later this year.

The group, which consists of members Alexandra Buggs, Karis Anderson and Courtney Rumbold, were assembled by writer/manager Jo Perry following a series of auditions and scouting work at London's Topshop. Stooshe evolved into three distinct personalities that are "as attainable as they are aspirational," as explained in a press release.

In fact, there's a deeper meaning to their seeming carefree music and performance. Stooshe wants to "determinedly deconstruct stereotypes" and do "away with outdated idea when it comes to who they are." The result is an all-inclusive pop sound packed with bold (and sometimes provocative) wordplay, a distinct sense of style and an instantly catchy groove that is distinctly British but has a decidedly global appeal.

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