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[NEW] Labrinth Unveils Lyric Video For New Single "Last Time," Collaborates With Emeli Sandé and Mike Posner

After shaking up the British pop scene with "Earthquake" late last year, Labrinth's tremors continue with the brand-new "Last Time." Once again, the beatmeister cranks out a high-energy, vocoder-happy pop ditty filled with oscillating sound effects and punchy strings that help further define his progressive pop aesthetic. Add to all that sonic action lyrics about living the high life in Berlin, New York, Paris, Ibiza and Tokyo, and what you have is a song that can easily resonate everywhere.

Labrinth debuted with "Let The Sun Shine" in September 2010 that was followed by "Earthquake" (featuring his pal Tinie Tempah), which rocketed to the top of the British charts in October and stayed in the top ten for an impressive six weeks. "Earthquake" proved that Labrinth has his finger tightly on the pulse of things, seamlessly mixing up a hodgepodge of genres into one tightly-produced power jam.

The London artist likes to describe his new "Last Time" as a "an electronic sci-fi record." Labrinth tells Pyro Magazine, "It's kind of a bit electro housy and very musical. When you listen deeper into the music you can hear that because there are a lot of layers on the track ( . . .) I remember thinking 'I want to try something different, I want to kind of branch out a bit' I looked at it as myself going around the world and experimenting all different flavours and coming out of my little box to see whats out there, thats when I made 'Last Time.'"

"Last Time" is taken from Labrinth's forthcoming debut record "Electronic Earth," which includes a duet with Emeli Sande on "Beneath Your Beautiful" that he co-wrote with Mike Posner. Labrinth describes the album as "just loads of different mixes of energy there we’ve got some old school flavours, new school flavours." "Electronic Earth" will be out in the U.K. on March 19.

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