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A*M*E "City Lights" Produced by MNEK (Single Review)

Ame 450

There are two things very exciting about pop newcomer A*M*E. First of all, she brings a fresh and genuinely cool new energy to the pop scene that is getting saturated with grandiose imagery, larger that life beats and overly saucy lyrics. Secondly, she has been working with none other than uber-talented, super teen producer MNEK who we have covered multiple times on this blog before. Only 17 years old, MNEK is enjoying tremendous success producing tracks for Florrie and The Saturdays, and last week he was in Los Angeles to work with our other fave, My Name Is Kay.

The teaming of A*M*E and MNEK has resulted in A*M*E's debut tune "City Lights" that is stirring up a storm over in the U.K. Echoing the sound of a playful Double Dutch session in a middle school courtyard, "City Lights" is a mighty fresh, hook-laden pop tune that is ruled by swirling retro '90s club beats, choppy vocal samples and A*M*E's striking, soulful vocals that are completely, totally and utterly effortless and filled with a healthy dose of girl power. "City Lights" also includes the punchy rhymes of rapper Bartoven who is none other than MNEK's older brother.

"City Lights" is pretty much A*M*E's definition of great pop. "[Pop] usually starts with a great concept," she explains. "It's not too light-hearted, not too serious. A perfect pop song is a perfect blend of the two. It should grab you from the second you hear it. What I love most about a perfect pop song is that with it you are never alone. That’s what makes me happiest about pop music.

A*M*E's love for pop runs deep. And she knows how pop music can help lift people up in times when they need it most. She was born and raised in Sierra Leone, the war-torn nation in Africa where she lived until the age of 8. It was the timeless pop of groups like Backstreet Boys and *NSync that helped her cope with her dire environment and was the one thing that she could always rely on.

Her family fled to the U.K. where A*M*E started school and quickly thrived. She started her own DIY fanzine, fronted a girl band in high school and sang solos in her school choir that sparked a passion for music. While developing her unique forward style, she also became obsessed with The Beatles and studied their music as the holy scripture of pop.

Last week she finally unveiled "City Lights" and more pop greatness is on the way. Check out for example the amazing "Play The Game Boy" and "Love TKO" that you can stream on Soundcloud. If you want to stay in the know about A*M*E make sure to follow her on Facebook. All the right people are paying attention and I predict things may go really go fast for the young singer from here.

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