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[FIRST LISTEN] NERVO "You're Gonna Love Again (featuring Avicii)


By Steve Siegel (bio)

Two words: Eric Prydz. Yes, it's a bit odd I'm starting this review of "You’re Gonna Love Again" with another artist but you can't mistake the Swede's influence on this NERVO tune that surfaced on YouTube this week. "You're Gonna Love Again" follows the Prydz formula of simple, yet saucy, synthesized riffs with awesome dramatic chords. However, the ladies of NERVO also teamed up with another one of our favorite Swede's —Avicii—for an epic drop to give the tune their own distinctive sound. 

Astralwerks tells ArjanWrites.com that "You're Gonna Love Again" is the result of a "writing collaboration between NERVO and Avicii. The song has been through several iterations and has been part of the girls live set for the last few months. The final version, which we'll be releasing soon, is being crafted now by NERVO for release."

The pre-release version of "You're Gonna Love Again"  has everything a dance music fan could dream of: haunting female harmonies, trance-like emotional build-ups, a huge drop, and of course, lyrics about love (duh). "You’re Gonna Love Again" is shaping up to continue NERVO's excellent run of form, piggybacking off their unquestionable success from their most recent single "We’re All No One" that has been ruling dancefloors and Sirius XM's BPM dance station. NERVO's Liv and Mim clearly have a knack for combing pop-heavy hooks with club-minded sounds. 

It’s mind boggling to me that these two Australian hitmakers aren't popping off more here in the States.  They’ve got a great resume as songwriters to the stars (David Guetta, Ke$ha,) and they are one of the few female acts in dance music. Songs like "You're Gonna Love Again" will definitely help establish NERVO in dance-music's ever increasingly crowded marketplace

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