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[VIDEO] Katy Perry Talks Candidly About GRAMMY-Nominated "Firework"


Katy Perry stopped by The GRAMMY LiveStream crew backstage at the CBS Nominations Concert on Wednesday and candidly shared some very interesting details about her double GRAMMY nominated song "Firework." Katy Perry is up for Record of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance. She continues where she left off with me when we chatted at the MTV Video Music Awards. (See that video here)

Referring to the tune as her "signature song," Perry opened up about "Firework" and talked in great detail about what inspired the song. "I wrote the song before the [anti-bullying movement] but I was feeling a small bit that way. I wrote ["Firework"] because everyone has the potential to be great."

The pop star added that she was compelled to write the song after reading Jack Kerouac's classic novel On The Road. She paraphrased a line from the book that specifically triggered the idea and message of "Firework."

Perry explained, "There's a paragraph in that book that goes 'I want to be around people that are buzzing and fizzing and full of live, and may never say a common place thing and shoot into the sky like fireworks to make everyone go awe."

Perry concluded saying that after wrapping up her global California Dreams tour just days ago, she plans to take a "long cat nap" before stepping back into the spotlight.