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[VIDEO] Kay featuring Kurtis Blow "Going Diamond" (Behind The Scenes Footage)


Emerging Canadian pop sensation Kay hasn't made a secret of the fact that she's a huge hip hop fan, which is also clearly reflected in her music. Kay's sound combines contemporary, chart-savvy pop sensibilities with colorful, retro hip hop stylings that make her truly one of the most exciting new talents to hit the pop scene.

Back in August, Kay had the opportunity to collaborate with none other than rap legend Kurtis Blow to record her new single, "Going Diamond." One the first commercially successful rappers, Blow helped break new ground in the early '80s when he was the first MC to sign to a major label, plus his single "The Breaks" from his 1980 debut album was the very first certified gold record rap song.

Recording with Kurtis Blow was a dream come true for Kay and it couldn't be more perfect to have him work with her on "Going Diamond," a song that pretty much sums up what Kay's all about and clearly defines her musical mission statement. The recording session was organized by Cherrytree Records President and founder Martin "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" Kierszenbaum who masterfully produced "Going Diamond."

A camera was in the studio to capture some candid moments between the legendary Kurtis Blow, newcomer Kay and producer extraordinaire Kierszenbaum during the recording session. Blow poignantly notes that he was excited to work with Kay and Kierszenbaum on "Going Diamond," describing the song as "fresh" yet still sounding very "analog" (which is quite frankly the best possible way to describe the track.)

Both Kay and Kierszenbaum had brought along some of Blow's classic vinyl albums to reminiscence about the early days of hip hop in the '70s and '80s. Especially for Kierszenbaum, who is a massive fan of the rapper and at one point was part of a hip hop duo early on in his career, producing a song featuring one of his idols turned out to be a very special and memorable experience. (Listen to "Going Diamond" here and if you're in Canada you can download it right here.)