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Electro-pop wunderkind Frankmusik hasn't exactly made a secret of the fact that he is a massive Erasure fan. So when the British synth pop legends asked the young singer to produce their entire new album it was not only an incredible honor but also a dream come true.

While putting the final touches on his own new album "Do It In The AM," Frankmusik traveled to Maine to work with the duo at Vince Clarke's secluded cabin and he collaborated with the group in his own studio in Hollywood to put together Erasure's "Tomorrow's World," their fourteenth studio album. The result of their teaming is a beautiful, accomplished and cohesive collection of electronic songs that sound totally contemporary and classic at the same time.

In a recent video interview backstage at Erasure's show in Atlanta, Frankmusik talked very candidly about how humbling it was to work in close partnership with his musical heroes on "Tomorrow's World." "Erasure has always been cutting-edge socially and musically. They have a lot of stick for how they do things and that's what attracted me most to the project," he explains. "In their own way, they are very rock 'n roll. Their musical content, the lyrical content is very deep, and intense, and I love all that stuff."

Frankmusik adds, "They joined in the month that I was born in 1985 so they have been going as long as I have existed, which is equally as humbling as working in one room with them."

Frankmusik has been touring with Erasure as a special guest on the duo's North American tour. He will also be joining the duo on some upcoming tour dates in the U.K. The group is on a global trek to meet fans and promote "Tomorrow's World" that will be available in a (digital) record store near you next week. 

Frankmusik remixed Erasure's brand-new single "When I Start To (Break It All Down)" that is included as a bonus track on the extended version of "Tomorrow's World." The singer/producer gives the upbeat original an intensely atmospheric make-over to create a gorgeous and shimmering soundscape with a few majestic new twists and an Asian flair towards the outro that fit the song perfectly. Listen to Erasure "When I Start to Break It All Down" (Frankmusik Remix) exclusively after the break.

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