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[SINGLE REVIEW] V V Brown "Children (featuring Chiddy)


V V Brown wasn't kidding when she hinted that her new music would be a departure from the songs on her debut record. The British singer/songwriter traded her playful retro aesthetic for a more contemporary sound that is fresh and different yet distinctly hers. The singer's brand-new single "Children" gives fans a firm clue about where's she heading musically and lyrically.

Produced by Chuck Harmony (Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Fantasia) and co-written by hitmaker Evan "Kidd" Bogart, the hooky "Children" starts out as a sweet and soothing nursery rhyme. But that gentle, nostalgic sound is forcefully interrupted by a stirring beat that will have you sit up and listen. And that's exactly the point. V V Brown is not here to be cute or conventional. The singer wants to alert you about some real issues she cares about.

V V Brown explains in a press release, "['Children'] was written about a generation that has uninspiring aspirations and believes material wealth is what happiness is." The song feels particularly topical given the summer riots in her hometown of London. "You have to give people a voice," she says. "Everyone has to be heard, because otherwise they will make themselves heard."

That sentiment and point of view is explicitly reflected in the lyrics of "Children." Brown serves up both a heavy dose of realism and optimism while also encouraging people to fight the good fight. She chants, "Buildings are crumbling, right to the ground and I can't help stop noticing when I'm looking around" that is followed by the hopeful "don't surrender, be all right." Rapper Chiddy agrees and chimes in as well, "Why does nobody have real dreams any more?"

The accomplished "Children" introduces a welcome new pop sound for V V Brown with its vibrant indie-pop stylings that is a promising progression from her polished and more stylized beginnings. Hail to V V Brown for not only challenging herself artistically to serve up something fresh, but also for speaking her mind honestly with a compelling call to action that will leave listeners inspired. (Listen to the song her V V Brown's web site and download V V Brown's "Children" on Rdio or iTunes.)

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