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[FRESH NEW] The Oxymorrons "Padded Sky" (MP3)


Don't let The Oxymorron's tough exterior fool you, because these two music-loving, free-wheeling and party-starting New Yorkers wear their heart on their sleeves and in their music.

Point in case is the very good "Padded Sky," a heartfelt and pop-savvy ballad with just the right amount of kick to it. The track is taken from the duo's forthcoming mixtape "STFUandListen."

Set to lush, soaring strings and punchy piano chords, the charming "Padded Sky is a feel-good story about love, life and happy endings. "Now that I can see you, my heart is no longer see-through, I'm whole again," K.I. sings, while his brother D serves up lyrical smarts with lines like, "I shoot at the stars so you can have the universe."

Oblivious to boundaries while successfully stewing genres like hip hop, rock, alternative, R&B and even classical, the group has been very deliberate in crafting a unique sound of their own that like to refer to as "klasher music." It's an accomplished mix of genres that most will refer to as alternative hip hop, but which goes quite frankly way beyond that. It's good music with heart and soul. The Oxymorrons is a promising new group you should know about. Listen and download "Padded Sky" after the break

MP3: The Oxymorrons "Padded Sky"

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