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[VIDEO] New Marina & The Diamonds "Fear And Loathing" (Electra Heart, Pt 1)

[FREE MP3] Cee Lo Green "Cry Baby" (Tommy Caswell Remix)


The world's number one "lady killer" Cee Lo Green released the video for his new single "Cry Baby" today that is accompanied by a brand-new (and guilt-free remix) of the song. Bristol's Tommy Caswell turned Green's soulful and upbeat original into a flaming, adrenaline-fueled dubstep number.

But be warned. Like with many dubstep remixes, this one is not for the squeamish. Caswell's revamp sounds nothing like the original. It's a fusion of hard-edged screeches, drops and dissonance with a few smooth melodic synth fragments that together make up one potent new and unexpected reinterpretation of Green's sunny tune.

Filmed at a Hollywood sound stage, the video for "Cry Baby" is a fun and colorful doo-wop '50s scene that features, yes, Steve Urkel in the role of Cee Lo Green who is conspicuously missing from the video. Watch the video and download TC's remix for "Cry Baby" after the break.

  Cee Lo Green "Cry Baby" (TC Remix)