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[FIRST LOOK] Darren Hayes "Black Out The Sun" (Official Video)


After the uptempo "Talk Talk Talk," Aussie pop singer Darren Hayes turns it down a few notches on his brand-new single "Black Out The Sun" that was unleashed on YouTube today. I don't very often use the word "epic" to describe music, but that is exactly what this new song and video is. It's pop of grand proportions of the finest kind.

Set to a soaring melody, Hayes reaches out to the sky and delivers a pitch-perfect falsetto to tell a story about love and loneliness that we all can relate to at one point or another in our lives. The song was written by Hayes and writer/producer Carl Falke who pop aficionados among you will know from his work with Robyn, The Wanted and Nicole Scherzinger. The single was mixed by Robert Orton who is known to most of you for his work with T.a.T.u., Lady Gaga and many others.

The new video for "Black Out The Sun" is a perfect match for the atmospheric quality of the pop ballad. Standing on a deserted beach and surrounded by grim reapers, Hayes seems isolated, lost and confused. The dark and lifeless wasteland pictured in the video is the perfect backdrop for Hayes' state of mind in the song.

He sings, "There's no use imagining a world without you, your love was like a drug I was addicted to. Because there's nobody else who can hurt, like you hurt me. I don't wanna be lonely. There's no joy, there's no meaning, just this hollowed feeling (. . .) The love is gone and nothing lives here.

Look out for the single EP release on October 2 that features the original cut of the track, plus an orchestral version and 7th Heaven remix of the song. Watch the video for "Black Out The Sun" after the break.

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