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[FIRST LISTEN] Listen to Jessie J's New Single "Domino"


It's easy for naysayers to brush Jessie J's new single off as a Katy Perry left-over that producer Dr Luke had saved for a rainy day. The truth is that Dr Luke has engineered a distinct, high-grade pop sound that has become a quality standard in pop that others strive for. It's a sound that is ubiquitous and familiar, but in no way the exclusive territory of just one single artist. 

Jessie J leverages Luke's knack for radio-ready and chart-savvy productions to have another shot at success in America. It's important to note though that the two are no strangers to each other. In fact, they have previously collaborated on a bunch of tracks for Jessie J's debut record including the singer's previous U.S. single "Price Tag."

But this new "Domino" shows a different side of the teaming between Jessie J and Dr Luke. Together with melody maker extraordinaire Claude Kelly, Luke adds a sleek shine to his ferocious pop production that is masterfully engineered. Jessie J does what Jessica does so well. She sings, belts, cheers and roars her heart out to greet listeners with a voice that is instantly impressive. 

Jessie J is a phenomenal talent who brings vocal prowess, lyrical authenticity and star quality to the scene that hasn't quite materialized yet stateside. This "Domino" has the potential to do bigger things for Jessie in the States. Time to roll the dice and flip that domino. Listen to Jessie J's new U.S. single after the break.