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[FIRST LISTEN] Doctor Rosen Rosen Releases New Free Girl Pop EP "Girls"


If you're looking to get your finger quickly on the pulse of what's hot and happening in pop music, make sure to grab Doctor Rosen Rosen's brand-new digital EP "Girls." This free EP is a collection of fresh new pop that features some exciting new lady talent that you should keep your eye on. This EP is speedy way to get in the know about who may be ruling the charts in a year from now.

Rosen Rosen is one of the most talented and versatile new pop producers on the scene. He can easily crank out a candy-coated pop groove, stir up some club swagger or serve up a gutwrenching ballad. "Girls" is a perfect example of Rosen Rosen's ability to change things up.

On "Girls," Rosen Rosen kicks things off with the phunky pop buzzer "Five O'Clock" that features pop newcomer Jessie & The Toy Boys who recently was a special guest on Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour. Set to a stomping beat, this girl power tune neatly accentuates Jessie's cheery delivery that introduces her bright brand of pop. "A day before our session, I started the track and came up with the pre-chorus "hello hello hello," Rosen Rosen explains on his web site.

"I was nervous to show her the idea because she was one of the first artists I worked with in Los Angeles, but she was into it and we quickly wrote the rest of the song together. "

Rosen Rosen turns up the swagger with rising Canadian pop phenom Kay on the futuristic hip pop rocker "Hot." This flaming hot little number is sure to get the crowd moving with its ferocious bass line and Kay's feisty delivery who is clearly ready for battle. Kay speaks the truth when the purrs, "I'm coming in hot. Put it on your mash potatoes, I'm like lava in your volcano. I'm super hot." Tell it like it is, Kay!

Rosen Rosen also has been developing a promising artist by the name of Meg Myers who is the newest voice of the bunch. Inspired by The Cure's "Lullaby." "Poison" combines Rosen Rosen's knack for serving up crunchy and quirky production stylings with Meg's rock-edged vocals that are neatly restraint but explode in the chorus.

"We tried a bunch of different things for the chorus," Rosen Rosen explains. "But once we landed on the "I really want your poison love" idea, I knew we'd found it. I love the combination of the big guitars with Meg's voice being morphed by a pitch-shifting effect."

"Girls" concludes with Anjulie's "Sex-Ed," a delicious '80s throwback explosion of the first degree with Anjulie's cheeky vocals, a bouncy bass and a little synth twinkle that invokes memories of Madonna's "Borderline." It's a vibrant and totally fun conclusion of a fantastic collection of new pop that has us craving for more, more, more "Girls" soon. Listen to all the tracks below and download "Girls" here.