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[FIRST LISTEN] Britney Spears "Seal It With A Kiss" (Peter Thomas Remix)

Seal it With a Kiss 400

Emerging young writer and producer Peter Thomas knocks it out of the park with his potent and peppy revamp of Britney Spears' "Seal It With A Kiss." Set to a throbbing, slightly menacing dance-pop groove, this fine piece of pop candy doesn't stray too far from original but Thomas gives it a proper kick to drive up its dancefloor intensity.

When listening to this new Spears workout, it is good moment to read on and learn a bit more about Peter Thomas. Born and raised in Rhode Island, Thomas started to play the guitar as a little kid, proudly carrying around his toy wherever he went.

After high school, he decided to pursue music professionally and was admitted to the famed Berklee School of Music. Juggling both school work and real-life production assignments, Thomas decided to put school on hiatus and work on production opportunities full-time.

Now managed by the same fine people that brought us Benny Blanco, Easy Does It and Neon Hitch, Thomas is putting in his hours on the soundboards to learn and develop a unique style of his own. No wonder that he took on this Britney track that was produced by pop greats Dr Luke and Max Martin who I'm sure are are big inspirations to him. (Listen and grab his remix after the break.)

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