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[NEW VIDEO] Natalia Kills "Free" Video featuring Will.I.Am


Natalia Kills' new single "Free" is all about spending money like there's no tomorrow and looking good while doing it. The just-released video for the song reflects exactly that. Totally chic and stylish, the scenes from the video look like they were ripped from the pages of the latest issue of British Vogue with Natalia strutting around and looking immaculate in every single shot.

The video shows Natalia bathing in a box of money, flexing her muscles, crawling on a motor cycle, getting wild with an electric saw and strutting around with fashion models.

The scenes of Natalia are interspersed with quick title slides that feature true Kills-isms like "You Are What You Wear" and "You Can Buy Happiness" that clearly show that Kills doesn't conform to popular opinion but makes up her own mind.

Her pal Will.I.Am is featured in the intro of the video wearing some killer shades. With an instantly catchy melody, a striking look, a world-famous MC and a finely produced new video, Natalia Kills has a massive summer hit on her hands. In fact, after the video hit the web earlier today, fans flocked to YouTube to see it and made #NataliaKills a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Watch the video after the jump. (Download Natalia Kills "Free" on iTunes | Rdio)

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