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[FREE MP3] The Sounds Of Arrows "Magic" (Tom Staar Remix)


Swedish pop duo The Sound of Arrows released their new single "Magic" in Europe today that comes along with fun and high-budget music video that apparently has captured the attention of none other than Madonna.

In fact, according to unconfirmed reports the Queen of Pop has named The Sound Of Arrows as one of the major influences for the music on her new album that she's currently recording in London and Paris. Other artists she's reportedly influenced by include Jessica 6, Diagram of the Heart, Skrillex and our friend Monsieur Adi.

To celebrate the release of their new single today, The Sound of Arrows is sharing a guilt-free MP3 of Tom Staar's inventive house-pop mix of "Magic" that you can download after the break.

If you have not seen the video for "Magic yet, then you must do so pronto. Like I wrote before, the video is set in a world where all the adults have disappeared. This short movie brings to mind the enchanting mystery of Del Toro’s Pan's Labyrinth and the playful imagination of Pixar's creations. It's a perfect match for the duo's sweet and subtle synth pop.