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Adele's sophomore LP "21" is shaping up to be the biggest album of the year that is hoovering steady at the top of the album charts and is moving more units than any other record this year. It is safe to assume that the success of the album will continue for many more months to come, especially with the start of awards season later this year. I'm pretty sure that a bunch of GRAMMY Awards will be coming Adele's way early 2012. It is just one of those timeless records that is universally loved by fans, peers and critics alike.

Adele's music has also inspired many DJs, remixers and producers who have created their own new versions of her songs. Hot and happening Barcelona DJ and remix collective Buffetlibre premiered their own revamp of Adele's sparse piano ballad "Someone Like You." What appears to be a song that is hard to pep up, Buffetlibre has turned it into a finely-tuned summer dance remix with a throbbing base, playful dance groove and catchy synth chords that climax to a soaring vocal chorus.

Every single Adele remix that is produced is a true testament to the solid and authentic quality of her music. Because no matter how an Adele song gets mixed up, cut up, teared up and revamped, her voice, delivery and astute songwriting always stands paramount. Adele's music is like a fine diamond that simply cannot be destroyed. (Download Adele "21" on iTunes or take it everywhere on Rdio)

 Adele "Someone Like You"