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[FIRST LISTEN] Teddybears featuring B.o.B. "Get Momma A House"


Teddybears' new album "Devil's Music" is filled with exciting cameos and collaborations, including vocal contributions by Cee Lo Green, The B-52's and Robyn. The genre-mashing Swedish outfit also teamed up with Atlanta rapper B.o.B. who shows off his spunky vocals on the confident, electro-edged pop ditty "Get Momma A House." A song that is all about getting momma what she wants regardless of "people from the IRS," "the russian mob" or "letters from the government." Mothers rule, yo! It's a super fun and totally infectious tune. (Download "Devil's Music" on iTunes or Rdio)

July 6, 2011 in Teddybears | Permalink