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[FIRST LISTEN] Drake "Headlines"


After Drake leaked new track "Marvin's Room" a few weeks ago, the popular Canadian rapper is now sharing the brand-new "Headlines" to give us a little more insight into his state of mind and the musical direction for his forthcoming second album, titled "Take Care," that is scheduled to be released on October 24. 

When it comes to mainstream rap and hip hop that is ruling the charts, I think Drake is a different kind of rapper who comes from new generation of MCs. He does not rhyme about life in the streets, ruling the club or living large in a world that's all glitter and gold. 

Sure, Drake's got swag but he connects with audiences by rapping about his emotions in an authentic and relatable way. Plus, he's not afraid to show some vulnerability. Drake's first and foremost an accomplished and thoughtful storyteller who wears his heart on his sleeves and candidly opens up about his ambitions, music, relationships and his insecurities with the women he admires. 

His excellent full-length debut LP "Thank Me Later" centered around this unique and global brand of hip hop that had listeners captivated with his intense delivery and public soul searching. This new "Headlines" continues that exact direction and on the track the rapper even points to his distinct style and argues that "real is on the rise" adding some emo to his fire.

Set to sparse beats produced by Boi-1da and Noah Shebib, the track neatly emphasizes Drake's intense, yet conversational style that at times is even charming. The rapper talks about the flip side of fame and headlines, and the importance of staying grounded with the help of the right people you surround yourself with. 

Drake admits, "I may be too strung out on confidence, overdosed on compliments. Started not to give a f*ck and stop fearing the consequence. I had someone tell me I fell off, ooh, I needed that." He continues "People say that new shit you got is overdue, you better do what you're supposed to do."

"Headlines" proves that when Drake says he's keeping it real he really means it. Listen to "Headlines" after the break.

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