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[EXCLUSIVE] Madonna "Frozen" (Monsieur Adi Remix)


After sharing his remixes of "Get Together" and "Music," Monsieur Adi now takes on the Queen of Pop's 1998 "Frozen." The young Italian-born, Paris-based producer once again demonstrates his incredible knack for melody and crafting highly emotive, atmospheric productions with this new remix.

Adi skillfully intensifies the song's orchestral, classic beauty to amplify the mesmerizing quality and meaning of Madonna timeless original. Adi tells me, "[This song] was probably my first true moment to notice Madonna as it was different to anything I had heard until that moment. The delicacy, fragility and darkness captivated me as well as the, what I realise now, spiritual aspect of the song."

Adi writes me that Madonna's "Frozen" carries an intensely personal meaning. "Pretty much for the entire last year after the loss of my mother, I was in a very weird mood that I couldn't do anything to help. Creatively and emotionally I was effected. It has been a slow process of returning to myself and the remix somewhat follows that pattern of a slow progression that builds on and in itself."

"In my mind, the remix travels from the sound of hurt, to a release of emotion, and ending with some form of strength. Spiritual in a way." Thank you for sharing such a personal story, Adi. The context you provide for listeners gives this production even more lasting meaning. (Download)

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