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After creating a stir with tracks like "Get Over U" and "Silly Girl," our fave Neon Hitch is about to serve up her flaming hot and much-anticipated new single "Bad Dog" that will be released later this summer. This banging new Neon tune will slam the door wide open to mainstream success and firmly put her in pole position to race up the charts.

Produced by her talented soundboard pal Benny Blanco, "Bad Dog" is a powerhouse tune that has all the makings of a massive hit that will have you wagging your tail the moment it hits.

Blanco's savvy production is dominated by a tight, slapping groove and an instantly catchy chorus that perfectly complement Neon's deliciously flirty lyrics. She purrs, "The beast inside of me put you down, bang bang, like a bad dog. You're just animal that I caught, come inside my cage, you bad dog!" 

Add to that hot mix the instantly infectious "oooh oooh" and "aaah aaah," and what you have is a dynamite brew of pop. Yeah, this sweet kitten is finally out of the bag and has a big bone to pick. Don't mess with her because you will end up in the dog house. Neon agrees and clarifies, "say a prayer, because this is it." True that. 

Check out a blazing dancefloor workout of "Bad Dog" that was produced by DiscoTech to get a taste of the song. DiscoTech's full-throttle number stays pretty close to the original but gives it a solid dancefloor punch. Go fetch this hotness!