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[VIDEO] Bright Light Bright Light "Disco Moment"

British pop singer Bright Light Bright Light (aka Rod Thomas) has been keeping fans in suspense for months about his new music. But the long wait is over. Today, the singer finally premiered the video for his new single "Disco Moment." It is a powerful tune that highlights the singer's knack for combining '90s inspired club beats with crisp melodies and heartfelt songwriting that is always flavored with a heavy dose of hope.

Set to a throbbing disco groove, "Disco Moment" packs heaps of dancefloor drama that is vividly put into words by the pop crooner. "You make it so hard to be around, it is no surprise that the light is breaking up (. . .) You have your disco moment alone. I stand at the side of the room, I'm just a shadow that is flickering. I'm open, but I may just close it," Thomas sings, while the song crescendoes into more uplifting and hopeful territory.

The video for "Disco Moment" is a stylish affair that shows Thomas surrounded by colorful extras and dancers wearing TV screens on their hands. The singer writes me that the idea for the video was to showcase human connections. "The song (and album) are about connections," the singer explains. "What symbolises connections? TV!"

He adds, "It's something people use to connect with the world, and it's something very close, but very distant, like, you connect with it by watching it, but there's no real relationship, which is kind of what the song is about - being close to someone who doesn't let you in." 

"Disco Moment" will be released on August 7 in both Europe and North America.

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