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The Daily Crunch: Bjork, Beyonce, Prince, Adam Levine, Madonna, Ke$ha, Joe Jonas, Celebrity Planking


 Bjork Presents Stunning "Crystalline" Single Art
 The Voice: Team Adam Levine Triumphs As Javier Colon Wins Season 1
 Celebrities Planking: What Is It And Why Are They Doing it?
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 Black Eyed Peas Have Their Own Video Game?   
 Justin Timberlake Becomes Part Owner of MySpace
 Jake Gyllenhaal's Balls are in His Throat in 'Man vs. Wild' Preview
 How Does Madonna Look Younger Than, Like, An Olsen Twin?
 Ke$ha Does Auto-Tune Parody for Conan
 Katy Perry Releases Free Candy Colored Mobile App
 Beyonce To Debut At #1 In 14 Countries
 Joe Jonas Premieres His "See No More" Music Video
 James Franco Releases Footage Of His New Art Project
 Naomi Campbell & Rob Evans For Givenchy Fall Winter 2011-2012
 Who Hates the Internet More, Aaron Sorkin or Prince?

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