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Single Review: Sugababes "Freedom"

It's safe to argue that Sugababes are a true British girl pop institution. The group has not only delivered many memorable pop hits over the last 12 years but Sugababes has also been a platform for great vocal talent to launch solo careers from.

As a result of the trio's personnel changes and the changing taste in pop, the group has shown different musical identities over the years - from the edgy "Freak Like Me" (2002) to the empowering "Ugly" (2005), and from the glossy "About You Know" (2007) to the frolicky "Get Sexy" (2009).

But let's not dwell too much on the past and look forward. The group of Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen has been working feverishly in the studio to lay down new tracks for a comeback record with the intent to recapture the Sugababes essence.

With the help of talented production team The Invisble Men (who created Jessie J's bareknuckle "Do It Like A Dude" among others) and Parker & James, Sugababes found inspiration in the edgy and melodic vocal pop that made the group such a smash act in the first place. The first result of their work is the new single "Freedom" that leaked out in a Nokia viral video that hit YouTube earlier this week.

Before I continue, let me note that I heard the single in its entirety from beginning to end. Not just the clip that appears in the Nokia video and which, quite frankly, doesn't do the full song much justice.

Serving up tight vocal harmonies and a distinct dubsteppy edge, "Freedom" is a potent and contemporary hit tune that echoes Sugababes' original pop glory. What's most striking about this ambitious come-back tune is the crunchy combo of gritty verses and a shiny, sunburst chorus that pop aficionados will salivate over.

"Freedom" has an uplifting, joyous quality that is too irresistible to be denied. The ladies cheer, "Tonight is the night that we break the speed of light. So stand up, come alive, liberate yourself 'cause freedom starts tonight. Stand up!"

With a fresh new production team and an energized new line up, Sugababes are in tip top share to revive their heydays and capture the pop charts all over again.

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