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[REVIEW] Wynter Gordon "With The Music I Die" EP


Wynter Gordon sure knows how to write a hit song. The 25 year-old New York City native turned heads when she first broke through in 2005 after penning the title track for Mary J Blige's smash hit "The Breakthrough." More songwriting success followed. Gordon wrote hits for artists like Danity Kane and Jennifer Lopez, plus she co-wrote and was featured on Flo Rida's platinum-selling "Sugar."

The singer fully stepped out in the spotlight as a vocalist and performer in 2010 when she released "Dity Talk," a full-throttle dance pop track that put Gordon in pole position for continued success.

In anticipation of a full-length album release later this year, Gordon unleashed a brand-new EP "With The Music I Die" this week to satisfy fans and further build out her evolving brand of pop. The release includes 4 brand-new tracks, plus two extended remixes of "Till Death" and "Buy My Love." 

"With The Music I Die" serves up a potent collection of hook-laden, electro-edged and dancefloor-ready pop songs that deliver both sass and swagger. A good of example of that sound is her new single "Till Death" that is driven by a kinetic, throbbing beat that fuels Gordon's raving lyrics. She proclaims, "Till death do we party, with the music I die."

The song is followed by the playful pop jive "Buy My Love" that is anchored by a pop perfect chorus that lays down some new rules. "There's a million ways to show your devotion, so many ways to sway my emotion. Don't hesistate to buy my love," Gordon suggests to her lover.

The EP comes to its soaring sweetspot with the buzzing "Don't Stop Me" that Wynter co-wrote with Atlanta-based writer and producer Warren Felder who previously has written tracks for Jessie J, Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj. The track innovatively combines filter disco with big room synth chords that will give remixers and DJs plenty of material to toy with for a long time to come. 

Gordon teamed up with Empire Of The Sun's Nick Littlemore to write and produce the artistically adventurous "Still Getting Younger." Combining a bright melody with sweet synth flourishes, the song packs an inescapable melancholia that is gripping and neatly amplifies her powerful, emotive pop vocals. It's one of best pop songs I've heard this season - a true gem.

Wynter Gordon's "With The Music I Die" is a stand out effort this summer that firmly belongs in every pop lover's collection. Preview the entire EP after the break or download it on iTunes now.

(Music player currently only available in North America.)

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