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[REVIEW] Florrie "Experiments" (EP)


Rising British pop star Florrie continues to surprise fans and industry insiders by taking an unconventional approach to recording and promoting her music.

Instead of going after a big label deal, the drummer-turned-vocalist chose to go at it independently and find corporate sponsors to fund her recording projects. And instead of charging people for her music, she tapped into the power of social media, and decided to initially give most of her music away for free to stir up a buzz with the support of online media.

Saturating fan communities with free music was a perfect way to get people hooked on Florrie's sleek and stylish brand of pop that has been embraced by an eclectic fanbase on both sides of the Atlantic. But the time has come for the singer to put her hard work up for sale with this week's release of her brand-new EP "Experiments."

"Experiments" gives listeners more clues about Florrie's evolving sound. After tracks like "Call 911" and "Panic Attack," Florrie's music is slowly but surely maturing into a high calibre pop offering that always emphasizes the combination of her delicate vocals with bright melodies, shiny synths and finely-tuned indie sensibilities. Producers on "Experiments" include Alan Braxe, Mike Chapman and 16 year-old soundboard producer MNEK.

Undisputed stand out track on "Experiments" is the pristine "I Took A Little Something," a massive pop tune paced by a shimmering disco groove and a twinkling synth riff that Kylie Minogue would salivate over. 

Equally fun is "Begging Me" that is dominated by its bouncy bass and singalong chorus that contrasts nicely with the indie groove of the song's verses. Florrie cheers, "The rhythm and the bass up in my face, but you're blocking the floor," she sings, begging her lover to move out of the way and let her hit the dancefloor. Yeah, that's right. Nothing's going to stop Florrie.

On the propulsive "Experimenting With Rugs," Florrie lays down the line in a story about love and letting go. She sings, "My heart isn't big enough. We've gone too far. I've forgotten who you are. Enough is enough. I'm over you. If you ask what I wanted, could I lie with a smile?"

Refreshing is the brassy jive of "She Always Gets What She Wants" that neatly positions Florrie as the queen of the ballroom."Speed Of Light" is another slice of sunshine pop with its punchy key strokes and glittery synth flourishes. "What Ya Doing This For" is a slow-churning, mid-tempo ballad that stands out with its dramatic string section.

Incredibly well-crafted, super catchy and totally fun, Florrie's "Experiments" is by far one of the most refreshing and noteworthy new pop releases to hit the scene this season.  

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