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[REVIEW] Colette Carr Wows London Crowd With Debut Performance


Londoners know good pop and it takes a true talent for them to be impressed by anything new on the scene. Most newcomers would be wracked with nerves to play their first-ever liver gig in this pop town, but not Colette Carr. The bold Malibu, CA singer and MC was ready to make her mark and lay down some new rules when she made her performance debut at the Cherrytree London concert on Monday evening at King's College.

After Ellie Goulding kindly introduced her, Carr jumped onto the stage bursting with confidence and ready to give the audience a dose of her primo. Her action-filled, twenty minute set featured older and new songs, including her explosive MTV smash "Back It Up" and her new single "(We Do It) Primo" the happy-go-lucky tune that was produced by labelmate Frankmusik.

Dressed in a tasteful glittery dress (as seen in the "Primo" video), Carr had the crowd with their hands in the air swaying along to her unique brand of girl pop that combines catchy hooks with banging beats and her sunny outlook on life. What makes Colette Carr's music and performance stand out is that her Cali spunk and swagger is always well-behaved and never out of line, which is refreshing.

The audience agreed. "This girl is major," I heard someone next to me whisper to a group of friends who all nodded their heads in agreement.

Mission accomplished, because that's exactly the type of response Carr set out to achieve with her debut show. She's only just getting started and an early buzz like that can eventually trigger a firestorm. 

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