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Listen to Wolfgang Gartner featuring Will.I.Am "Forever"


Wolfgang Gartner's collaboration with Will.I.Am on his new single "Forever" has finally been released after it has been sitting in the cooker for almost 2 years. It's a blazing dance pop jam that is the result of a chance meeting between the two dance heads that happened virtually.

Gartner tells MTV News, "It just came together by accident. It was originally just an instrumental track that I had made that I sent to my manager, and he thought it needed vocals so he gave it to Will and Will liked it"

"And the next day, we had a track back with a full Will.I.Am vocal over it. It was just amazing. It didn't need any work at all. Just threw it on top of the track and we got a single called 'Forever.' Completely spontaneous and accidental but it's one of my favorite songs."

The song packs a very special meaning to Gartner and he created the song as a homage to the growing popularity of dance music around the world. "To me, it just has this energy of 'let's make this last forever,' meaning let's make this dance music thing  happens, he explains. 

"Right now dance music hit another peak worldwide, especially in the U.S. These festivals are selling out and the crowds are bigger than they have ever been. So there's something really good going on right now." I could not agree more.

Listen to Wolfgang Gartner featuring Will.I.Am "Forever" in the player below. (Download)

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