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[FREE MP3] Mannequin "Clouds (For Dad)"

The power of music is infinite. Music can inspire, energize, heal, comfort and sometimes it can convey words we couldn't say otherwise. Brothers Daniel and Reuben Priddy of rising U.K. pop duo Mannequin shared an intensely personal story with me about "Clouds," an incredibly touching and beautiful pop ballad they wrote in honor of their late father.

Daniel writes me, "Our father passed away last week and I wrote ["Clouds"] which said everything I wanted to say to him. He was very ill and there was so much I hadn't told him yet so I had to put it in words before it was too late. He loved the song but never knew it was about him until my sister told him one day."

"This struck a chord with him and it opened us up to talking about our feelings for each other, as opposed to keeping them quiet just because we hadn't spoken about them yet. The clouds are the fog between our feelings and actions. 'Clouds' was played at his funeral today and I would like everyone to hear it as he was so proud of our achievements so far."

People move on, but music and memories live on forever. RIP Father Priddy.

 Mannequin "Clouds (For Dad)"

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