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Madonna Music Monsieur Adi Remix

After creating an online sensation with his excellent remix of "Get Together," Italian DJ, designer and producer Monsieur Adi now completely revamps Madonna's 2000 smash "Music." Adi once again approaches this new remix project as a classic composer that neatly shows off his incredible soundboard savvy and knack for melody.

Adi breaks down the original and totally rewires the song to serve up a fresh new perspective on a song we cherish and know so well while staying true to the beauty of Madonna's original.

Introduced by a throbbing dance beat, Adi unveils a kicky new disco groove that is peppered with a bouncy new bass line, filtered synths and, oh yes, a brand-new electric guitar solo to create a wildly unique and stellar new version.

"I have an obsession with musical textures," Adi writes me. "And so in contrast to the 'Get Together' remix, which was very tender and warm, I wanted to make something more hard and strong and something that you could dance to. Also I included an excerpt of 'Celebration' simply because I like Madonna's speaking voice."

He adds, "At the end of the day, I'm just a fan that is making music I would love to hear Madonna make. I'm anticipating her return!" A little birdie has told me that Madonna's manager Guy Oseary has been listening to his remix of "Get Together" as well, which is pretty much already a dream come true for Adi.