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Video Interview: Arjan Chats With Colette Carr About Her New Music Video

Colette Carr continues to bring her sunny Malibu vibes to the rest of the world in the video for her new single "We Do It (Primo)" that premiered yesterday on Vevo. It's a free-flowing video that packs a message of living the "Primo" life - letting go of worry and living in the moment. The song was produced by Frankmusik who also makes a cameo in the video. (Watch the video)

I caught up with Colette last night to chat a little bit more about the video and the big idea that inspired it. We also talked about her upcoming Cherrytree London performance that marks her very first stage performance as a singer. Colette also gives a big shout out to the Goers, her dedicated and growing army of fans who have supported her ever since she released her first mixtape.

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