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Ready to Pop: Anjulie "Brand New B*tch" (Exclusive)


You may remember that I blogged about Anjulie back in 2008 when she released her debut single "Boom." Born and raised in Toronto, Anjulie brings a unique perspective to the crowded pop scene. She was raised by immigrant parents from Guyana who fed her a diet of vibrant musical genres, from Afro-Caribbean calypso to reggae, and from Latin rock to straight up pop.

Those inspirations taught Anjulie that great pop music doesn't have to come in one, single cookie cutter package. Pop music can be many different things and on her debut album she experimented with lots of different rhythms that echoed memories of fellow Canadian Nelly Furtado.

Over the past few years, Anjulie has traveled back and forth from Toronto to Los Angeles to record tracks for her new album. Music insiders know that recording a sophomore album can be a painstaking process with lots of turns and twists. Anjulie worked patiently and diligently with different producers to spark an exciting new sound that would still be decidedly hers.

One of the people she has been working with is ArjanWrites.com pal Dr Rosen Rosen who has produced some excellent pop-forward tracks for the singer.

Anjulie gives us a taste of her music with today's release of "Brand New B*tch," which is not only an instantly catchy pop gem but also makes a strong statement in not-so subtle terms. Over the last few years, Anjulie has gone thought many personal and professional changes, and this new tune is a reflection of her emotional journey.

Produced by John O'Brien together with Anjulie, "Brand-New B*tch" is a buzzing, club-sized dance-pop track squeezed into one tight, potent production that underlines once again that Anjulie is a pop chameleon who is not afraid to try and tell it like it is. She's an exciting talent to keep your eye on. (Download)

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