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Listen to Ellie Goulding "Lights" (Dave Edwards Remix)


Ellie Goulding made headlines around the world last week when she was personally invited by William and Kate to perform at their private royal wedding party in London. The producers of Saturday Night Live caught wind of the news and invited Goulding to be the featured musical guest on the NBC show last night.

Goulding performed the sparkly "Lights" and "Your Song," her gut-wrenching cover of Elton John's evergreen that topped the charts in the U.K. back in December. I'm excited that all of America finally got a taste of the extraordinary talent that is Ellie Goulding. Her pristine voice and heartfelt delivery combined with the distinct pop qualities of her music make her truly one of a kind.

Check out a special reinterpretation of "Lights" that producer Dave Edwards put together. Fortunately, he didn't steer away too far from the original, but he gave the song an atmospheric make-over with a bit of a French electro touch. Nicely done. Digging the break around the 2:20 minute mark. (Check out Dave Edwards Tumblr to see what producing looks like.)