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Musexpo Buzz Band: Listen to Capra "If I Was"


One of the bands I saw showcase at Musexpo in Hollywood this weekend was emerging California pop out Capra. The group is the SoCal teaming of Michael Johnson, Jeff Laliberte, Kelly Blatz, Paul Laliberte and Shelby Archer who serve up a hearty brew of soul, pop and rock. Capra's sun-drenched sound echoes the soulful tunes of Maroon 5, the carefree pop of Jason Mraz and spunky edge of Justin Timberlake. A pretty dynamite combo that should play out well on radio.

The group's peppy live show is fronted by charismatic lead singer Kelly Blatz who had the crowd of music industry insiders tapping and a large group of female fan cheering along 

Listen to Capra's new single, "If I Was" to get a taste of their brand of pop is all about (oddly, the track starts out a little rough, but Capra gets into the pop groove about a minute into it.) "If you're looking for soul, that 's what I give and I give what I got," Blatz sings, perfectly outlining the Capra's musical mission.  The group is currently recording their debut album together with producer Matt Wallace (Train) that will be out later this year on Hollywood Records.

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