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Hot New Talent Alert: Aaron Delahunty "Glossy Magazine"


Dapper and musically daring, British newcomer Aaron Delahunty brings a gritty new soul sound to the pop scene that is refreshing. This South London native likes to refer to his music as "gip hop," an unorthodex blend of grime and hip hop infused vintage pop that is influenced by everything "from '90s East/West Coast hip hop to vaudeville to gypsy jazz and grime." Call it gypsy dubstep if you like.

Listen to Delahunty's debut single "Glossy Magazine" to get a taste of his genre-bending sound, lyrical wit and arresting, soulful delivery that is instantly compelling. Delahunty's musical intensity is remarkable and his focus is laser-sharp.

Delahunty explains to fans that his music is a direct reflection of the place where he grew up. "I’m through and through South London born and raised," he explains on Facebook. "With that, I've soaked up a whole lot of culture and been heavily influenced by the diversity of my hometown."

"I was born into the tail end of the acid house scene and brought up on the soundtracks of Britain on its early 90's comedown," he adds. No release date for "Glossy Magazine" has been set, but stay tuned for more.

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