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Cherrytree Pop Chop: Arjan Chats with Glee Musical Director Adam Anders

Glee is more than a hit television show. It's a bonafide global musical phenomenon that has created new television stars, delivered more than 100 Billboard Hot 100 hits, has broken iTunes records everywhere, and has inspired people around the world with its empowering message of individuality and positivity.

Driving force behind the music of Glee is the show's musical director Adam Anders. The Swedish born songwriter and producer has had a longstanding career in pop music, penning hits for artists like Ace of Base and The Backstreet Boys, and composing tracks for Disney's Camp Rock, High School Musical 3 and Hannah Montana: The Movie.

I recently sat down with Anders in the Cherrytree House to talk about the success of Glee and to give viewers an inside scoop on how the show's music production works - from picking the songs and mash-ups to working with the talent to the 24/7 production cycle to keep up with the weekly schedule of the show.

We had a lot of fun filming this episode and I'm excited to share it with you. A big thank you to Adam and the Cherrytree Records team for their time and support. Stay tuned for a new series of Cherrytree Pop Chop Minutes that will air later in June. Make sure to like if you love and share if you care. Thanks!

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