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Video: Arjan chats with Porcelain Black

Some of the most fun interviews happen when you least expect them. Check out my impromptu video interview with Porcelain Black in the back of her tour bus. Porcelain is currently on tour with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, and I caught up with her at a recent tour stop. 

The spunky Detroit singer is about to shake up the pop scene with her flaming brew of pop rock that is infused with a hefty dose of confidence. Her much-anticipated, RedOne-produced debut single "This Is What Rock 'N Roll Looks Like is a massive success online with millions of plays online. Porcelain played a few more tracks that she worked on with RedOne (including "Mannequin") and the material is dynamite. It's melodic, it's raw, it's pop, it's rock and it is unlike anything I've heard before.

Back to our little get together. I wasn't sure if I should actually publish this video interview because of the poor lighting and talking in the background (which is Yelawolf in the front of the bus), but the last 5 seconds of the interview pretty much sum up the very essence of Porcelain Black.

Yes, this is what rock 'n roll looks like, and I just had to share it. This new pop kitten cannot be tamed! (Pardon the expletives. Porcelain tells it like it is.)

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