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Listen to Neon Hitch "Silly Girl" (Easy Does It Remix)


Kick your day into gear with this blazing hot remix of Neon Hitch's new single "Silly Girl" that was produced by the crafty soundboard wizards of Easy Does It. It's a fun and forward new interpretation of Neon's original track that comes with a fresh new dancehall meets electro twist. Big new sound for a big new artist. Loving this.

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Video: Arjan chats with Linda Perry about Deep Dark Robot, Songwriting

Linda Perry is one of the most prolific producers and songwriters in recent pop history. The former Four Non Blondes singer has written evergreen tunes for people like Pink, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Dixie Chicks, Alicia Keys, Adam Lambert and Gwen Stefani. In fact, Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" is arguably one of the most compelling pop ballads of the last decade that inspired a generation. (And also, let's not forget her incredible work for Fischerspooner and Reni Lane.)

Linda has made a return to the world of touring and band life with her new band/project Deep Dark Robot that she formed with best friend Tony Tornay. Deep Dark Robot is her first band project in 15 years and manifested itself from Linda's desire to get out of the studio and back on the road.

Deep Dark Robot is musically very different from the pop songwriting and producing projects she is best known for. The duo's LP "8 Songs About a Girl" is a dirty little garage rock record with some gritty but beautiful (and brutal) ballads. One thing that is very similar to Linda's past work is the incredible song writing, very simple and to the point with songs like "It F*&%king Hurts" and "No One Wakes Me Up Like You." The record is literally 8 songs about a girl that put Linda's heart in blender, but turned out to be a wonderful muse for the singer.

In our interview, Linda and Tony talk about working together and what inspired the record. Linda also gives us an insight into her songwriting process and her versatility when it comes to writing in different musical genres. Truly compelling stuff. It's a must-watch for all you pop fans and budding songwriters out there.

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Video Premiere: Florrie "Begging Me"


It's been a while since we last heard from Florrie, but that doesn't mean she has been sitting idle. The drummer turned pop singer (and Xenomania's latest darling) has been working on tracks for her forthcoming new EP that follows the guilt-free release of tracks like "Panic Attack," "Call 911" and "Gimme Your Love."

Check out the just-released video for her brand-spanking new single "Begging Me" to find out what kind of pop hotness she has been up to. The instantly catchy tune further defines what Florrie's distinct sound is all about - sleek and stylish pop dominated by dancefloor-savvy beats, a bouncy bass and Florrie's delicate vocals. "The rhythm and the bass up in my face, but you're blocking the floor," she sings, begging her lover to move out of the way and let her hit the dancefloor.

In a 2010 interview, Florrie explains what people can expect from her musically. "I've got different ideas. Different styles and ways to do it. I like to make music that people want to dance to. Obviously, I love beats, but I also like the raw sound that you get with a guitar. So it’s going to be a big mixture: Kind of a sixties, organic feel merged with modern pop beats and electronics." (Support new pop and download "Begging Me" on iTunes now.)

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Free MP3 Download: Rizzle Kicks "Prophet"

After producing that hot little remix of Jessie J's "Price Tag, the guys of Rizzle Kicks have been getting loads of attention in all the right places. The duo's charismatic brand of hip hop-flavored DYI pop featuring their punchy delivery, soulful rhythms and lyrical wit is a refreshing addition to the pop scene. Check out the video for their new single "Prophet," a tune that takes their cheeky charm to a more melancholic place. (Quick registration to download the MP3 required.)

Rizzle Kicks "Prophet"

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Ready to Pop: Colette Carr "(We Do It) Primo"


Colette Carr is a true social media phenomenon. Without any big marketing budget or advertising push, the spunky California singer and MC has built up a steady fanbase by simply engaging with fans one on one on Twitter, Facebook and her web site to spike interest and fuel word of mouth about her music.

As a result, Carr has not only garned thousands of loyal fans who follow her every move, she has also been noted by the music industry at large. Ever since its inception, Carr has been hovering at the top of the new Billboard Uncharted chart, a countdown of emerging new artists that is put together by the music publication

Over the past year, Carr has been working with people like Cherrytree Records chairman Martin "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" Kierszenbaum, Pharrell and Frankmusik to finetune her sound.

What makes Carr truly stand out from the pack is that she's a great example of successful artist development. Instead of a rush to market or fluffy hype, there's proper nurturing of her unique talents to carve out a niche in the pop universe that she can fully own. "Keeping it hush, can you keep it on the low," as Carr likes to say, indicating that it is better to wait to have her sound mature and thrive than to be tempted to go at it too early.

When I spoke with Frankmusik back in October, he was excited to be working with Carr. "I'd like to turn her into the female Frankmusik," he noted. I wasn't sure what to exactly make of that statement without hearing any music, but after listening to Carr's new "(We Do It) Primo" I know exactly what he means.

Produced by Frankmusik, "(We Do It) Primo" is Carr's formal debut single that was released last night. Pop aficionados among you will immediately recognize the sample of Keane's evergreen tune "Somewhere Only We Know" that Frank and Carr incorporated into the track. 

Colette Carr's "(We Do It) Primo" is a fresh, finely produced and hyper infectious slice of pop that highlights her care-free attitude, and has her sunny Malibu personality splashed all over it. It's time for more people to discover Colette Carr and "(We Do It) Primo" fully delivers.

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