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Watch New "Every Road Has A Passion" Episodes

It's not exactly a secret that I'm a big fan of HP products. The company has kindly provided me with technology to test and work with, and I must say that HP products deliver strong performance and go easily everywhere I go. Plus, a selection of their products includes Beats Audio technology, which is a must-have if you use your laptop or desktop computer to listen to music. (Did you know that the average PC maker only spends 50 cents on sound equipment in a laptop? Absolutely unacceptable for music lovers like us.)

HP is also right on the pulse of emerging new music that they support in exciting new ways. Take for example their new "Every Road Has A Passion" campaign that launched at South by Southwest. It is a clever take on their new global "Everybody On" advertising platform that centers around how HP technology and their creative tools help "bring passions to life" - whether that is music, design, fashion, blogging, deejaying, games and so on. In other words, if you're creative, HP has technology you can use.

The company has been working with the indie loving folks at Spin Magazine to produce "Every Road Has A Passion," a very cool webseries that features three emerging new bands and their road to South by Southwest. The Austin music extravangaza is two weeks behind us, but if you haven't checked out some of the episodes I suggest you must. It is a fun, quick watch that shows you how bands prepare and gear up for a big event.

Watch all of the HP "Every Road Has A Passion" episodes on YouTube. Go check it out.

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