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Listen to Britney Spears "Till The World Ends" (Dr Rosen Rosen remix)


It has been years since I last blogged about Britney Spears. But today is a special day that warrents a Britney post on this sweet & crunchy blog. Not only did the pop icon drop her new album today (which is a solid production effort), our pal Dr Rosen Rosen put together a remix of Spears' new single "Till The World Ends" that he is sharing with the world today.

Staying true to form, Rosen Rosen completely revamps the original to give it an atmospheric, almost orchestral make-over in which calm meets chaos. He strips out some of the soundboard effects to intensify the bittersweet and frenzied qualities of the song.

Through Rosen Rosen's remix, I can sense a feeling of solitude and vulnerability in Britney's delivery that may be a pretty good reflection of how she is really coping with the turmoil in her life. Anyone who can expose that emotion so clearly gets two big thumbs up in my book. Another extraordinairy effort by Dr Rosen Rosen. Download the MP3 of the remix of Dr Dr Rosen Rosen web site.

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