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HP TouchSmart with Beats Audio Brings Power of Touch to Your Desktop

Playing Angry Birds on the HP TouchSmart at SXSW

At this year's South by Southwest Music Festival, I partnered with the fine folks at HP to bring you all the live coverage from Austin. HP demonstrated some of its brand-new products at the SPIN Loft right in the heart of downtown Austin with artists like Ellie Goulding, Young The Giant, Yellow Ostrich and many others coming through the HP space to play around with their new technology.

One of the coolest new HP products I tried out is the brand-new HP TouchSmart all-in-one computer. While a lot of people are pre-occupied with keeping track of the lastest greatest tablet devices, HP is not only about to launch their own tablet, but also creatively thinking about how to apply the power of touch computing to the desktop. Enter the HP TouchSmart.

Think of the HP TouchSmart as an oversized tablet with a gorgeous wide screen that you can put on your desk and that comes with all the power you need for home computing and entertainment. It tiIts and swivels, it runs Windows 7 and you can zip through the operating system and all of your favorite applications using multi-touch gestures. Plus, it comes with a wide range of apps that were specfically developed for the HP TouchSmart that take advantage of its touch navigation. It's what I like to call sci-fi cool

You can type on the HP TouchSmart with an on-screen keyboard or you can use a regular keyboard that connects wirelessly. But here comes the best part. The HP TouchSmart includes HP's Beats Audio technology, which means that the music, movies and any other sound you play on the PC will sound significantly better than on a standard computing device. I have been using the HP Envy 14 laptop with Beats Audio and I'm blown away with the sound delivery everytime.

The HP TouchSmart is the ideal entertainment companion if you're looking to use your desktop computer as a place to play games, watch movies and TV, and play music from the cloud or CD. It is one of those products that is extremely versatile and also very affordable. The standard HP TouchSmart is available at a retailer near you starting at only $999. Click here for more information.

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