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Cherrytree Pop Chop Minute with Arjan Writes: Chatting with Frankmusik

I'm thrilled to introduce some brand-new episodes of Cherrytree Pop Chop Minute with Arjan Writes that will air this week. Cherrytree Pop Chop Minute is a unique web show that I host and is produced in close partnership with Cherrytree Records. Each episode is no longer than 1 minute, which makes it perfect to share on Twitter, Facebook, or to watch on your mobile phone. This week, we will be airing new shows every day at 12 noon PDT, Monday thru Friday.

The Cherrytree Records team and I have filmed a bunch of new episodes earlier this month at South by Southwest in Austin, and we will be making all of those available during the next few weeks.

Today's new episode of Cherrytree Pop Chop Minute with Arjan Writes features none other than ArjanWrites.com fave Frankmusik. I spoke with Frank in his dressing room just moments after he came off stage performing some of his brand-new music at Perez Hilton's One Night In Austin event. (Read my review of that show here.)

One of the new songs he performed is his forthcoming new single "Do It In The A.M." that is also the title track from his new album that drops later this year. 

Frequent readers of ArjanWrites.com know that I have been been following Frankmusik for years and the singer has kindly kept me in the loop on his recording process to keep me posted throughout his journey. It was fantastic to see him rock it out on stage - bigger and bolder than ever before.

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