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Watch Ulrik Munther "Born This Way" (Lady Gaga Cover)

While the world is just getting to know Lady Gaga's much-anticipated new single "Born This Way," the first cover versions of the tune are starting to appear on YouTube. Check out a gorgeous remake from young Swedish crooner Ulrik Munther who uploaded his cover to YouTube only a couple of hours after the Gaga single was unleashed on radio.

Munther does a really fine job reinterpreting the song. He gives it a distinct singer/songwriter twist that contrasts nicely with the brash and mildly abrasive production of the original track.

Sales of the song is breaking records, but the response to Gaga's splashy new single is mixed. I have to admit that it was not the big tune it was hyped up to be. It is a strong track, but it is hardly her best work. In fact, I think the melody is thin and can wear out quickly.

Nonetheless, Gaga does what she does so well on "Born This Way." The GRAMMY-nominated superstar delivers a dancefloor-ready groove that is big and bold, and packs a message filled with confidence and empowerment that will lift people up and give them hope.