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Everybody's On! Roving Reporting at The GRAMMYs with HP

(Backstage at the GRAMMYs on Sunday with the HP dm1z.)

Titled "Everybody's On," HP launched a new global advertising campaign last week that emphasizes how passion inspires technology, and how technology fuels passion. Whatever it is that makes your heart race a little faster, whether that is gaming, music, fashion or design, HP brings you the tools to help you pursue your passion in exciting new ways. I'm also included in the "Everybody's On" campaign, sharing my passion for fresh new pop music. (Click here to see the "Everybody's On" hub.)

HP provided me with some cutting-edge new hardware to help me cover the GRAMMYs. As a roving reporter I have very specific requirements about the technology that I use to make sure I can roam around easily for a long period of time interacting with people on Facebook and Twitter, and writing blogs. The technology needs to be easy to use, light-weight and have plenty of battery life.

During my 8-hour live coverage of The GRAMMYs on Sunday and throughout GRAMMY Week, I used the brand-new HP dm1z laptop that was ideal for my roving reporting assignment. In fact, the cryptic name of the laptop really doesn't quite express what this little powerhouse delivers. It should be titled the HP Breeze or HP Feather to properly describe its features.The HP dm1z laptop is small, light-weight and yet very stirdy.  

You can easily tuck it in your backpack or messenger bag for a trip around town to always have instant computing power at hand. What I particularly liked about this laptop (that runs Windows 7 smoothly) is its chicklet keyboard that is very pleasant to tweet and type on.

I also did several Skype video interviews with Dutch pop station 3FM, and I used the HP dm1z laptop  to connect backstage at the Staples Center without a hitch. If you have the need for quick, mobile computing without the limitations of a tablet, HP dm1z laptop  is just the technology you need.

For the past few weeks, I've also been using an HP Envy 14 laptop that is a powerful and beautifully-designed, sleek laptop that comes with the Beats Audio technology and Windows 7. Beats Audio is a must-have technology for all you audiophiles out. Delivering a rich sound, Beats Audio truly makes a world of difference if you use your laptop to listen to music. 

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