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Free MP3 Download: Electrolightz "The Future"


You may remember newcomers Electrolightz from their party-starting remixes for La Roux, Flo Rida, Wynter Gordon, Mary J Blige and Lady Gaga. In fact, the group's hot and happening revamp of Lady Gaga and Beyonce's "Telephone" was released on a Lady Gaga remix EP earlier this year, which gave Electrolightz some well-deserved exposure.

Ever since first meeting up with the band (in the back of a hotel shuttle!) and seeing them perform live at South by Southwest, I have been a big supporter of Electrolightz.

The crazy fun and very talented bunch of Eroc (keys), Namebrand (MC), Barry Romance (drums) and Rami Dearest (lead vocals) serve up an effortless brew of pop, dance and hip hop. Their music is fresh, chart-ready and, most importantly, gets the crowd instantly moving. Rami and Namebrand command the stage, show off great chemistry and have a fiery spark that is pure star quality. 

A few weeks ago, Electrolightz released their first full-length artist album, titled "It Happened Over Night." After gaining notoriety with their remixes, it is time for Electrolightz to step into the spotlight and seduce the masses with their incredibly catchy sound.

Check out a totally guilt-free MP3 download of "The Future," an uplifting mid-tempo dance pop track that will immediately sway you with its pulsating beat, Rami's smooth vocals and Namebrands punchy rhymes. "The Future" neatly exudes the uplifting spirit and boundless positivity that Electrolightz is all about. If there's one song to top your New Year's Eve playlist, make it "The Future," simply because "it never looked so bright." (Watch the video of "The Future" here.)

Electrolightz "The Future"

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